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Deputy Chief David Friedel Tested and Approved the very First 3 Room Inflatable Fire house:

The Lafayette Fire Department recently purchased the Inflatable Fire Education House from Chris Barrett and the inflatable manufacturer. This Fire Safety "Prop" has been a great addition to our prevention programs. My department has always had a good fire Safety Education program, but we seemed to be lacking in our training props. Now with our new Safety House we can get our fire safety messages across more effectively to our target audiences.

I would recommend this training prop from Chris to any fire department that is serious about public fire safety education.

David Friedel
Deputy Chief
Lafayette Fire Department
303-665-5506 ex 3955
Lafayette, Colorado

2015 Fire Education for kids!
Denver Colorado Boy Scout Show!

Thank you Denver Fire Department for a great!
Thank you Fire House Girls for making sure no one got hurt!
See you again next year!

I highly recommend this Inflatable Firehouse system to any organization that is looking for an exciting, hands-on fire safety experience geared towards youth!  The combination of the physical demonstration house and brief firefighter instruction, allows youth to better understand how important fire safety is in their everyday lives!  As a child, my grandfather was a firm believer in ... "tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn".  As a Scout leader I have had the tremendous satisfaction of watching kids faces "light up" when they finally master a skill and I see that same expression when kids exit the Inflatable Firehouse!  I have always believed that learning should be fun!  Scouting is a game with a purpose, this Inflatable Firehouse, in my opinion, adds just the right amount of fun to the extremely important message of fire safety!

Bob Shepard  
Assistant District Commissioner                                                                           
Boy Scouts of America                                                                                   
Retired Firefighter / E.M.T.  

Children's Hospital
Great Job to all the
volunteers that made
this a special day!


    Welcome to the ORIGINAL FEMA GRANT APPROVED 3 room  Inflatable Fire House!  This is the REAL and FIRST fire drill house developed and supported by your associate Fire Chiefs. Make fire education fun! This 3 room Inflatable Fire House is an education prop. It was designed to replace the safety trailer, be portable and affordable for  all fire departments. You can fill it with faux smoke and have kids crawl through the rooms to the ramp with escape window. A REAL FIRE SMOKE DRILL!! It can also be used inside elementary school gyms.  Complete with attachments for "EDITH" banners that are included.
    As the creator and producer of the "Original 3 Room Inflatable Fire Education House" my goal along with the Fire Chiefs and Educators who I work with as a volunteer,  is to make the best education prop for the lowest price. The goal is not about profit, but about making my products available and affordable  to all fire departments.  I am now working with the most qualified U. S. manufacturers that currently build inflatable obstacle courses for the US Army and Marines. Together we are making sure my fire houses are built as strong and as light as possible, with new graphics and surpassing the quality & weight of the older model. The new blower units are more powerful from the older units. The new escape ramp is also much safer for children to climb up.  I have designed two sizes, Original and The Larger Wheel Chair Accessible Unit.

I also donate my own inflatable firehouse and and my time working with Colorado fire departments and local hospital Burn Foundations at fire education events for children.

Call me - together we can figure out how to improve your community fire education program!

The Original is 12' W x 24' L x 14' H and the larger unit for disability or wheel chair accessibility is 14.5' W x 29'L x 17' H.

Specifications and What it comes with" 
Material is the best rated Nylon and 7 ounce Vinyl Coated Nylon
Blower is a  6 Amp High output Unit
Weight is Approx 185 lbs.
Comes complete with Digital Dept  ID and LOGO banners on 2 sides,
AND The Internal "EDITH" Teaching Banners
Ground Tarp, 50' Extension Cord, Tether Lines and Carry Bag.

The Original Size House is $7,995.00 Plus Shipping  
The Large Wheel Chair Accessible House is $9,995.00 Plus Shipping


                                                   TO ORDER: 
        Please contact Chris Barrett at
             or call 303-902-3099.
  I will complete a layout illustration for you
 showing your station branding so you can get the sponsorship and funding.
                                                    Thank You!

           This Inflatable Fire Education House is NOT a jump / bounce toy.
           This Inflatable Fire Education House is NOT a tent or shelter.
           This Inflatable Fire Education House is a Fire Education Prop

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Fireman's Fund Insurance, State Farm, Professional Restoration, and FEMA